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Check Assumed Positions After Plotting Cel Nav Fix

A question about DR came up in our cel nav course that took us back to a couple basic points. One is the difference between manual cel nav solutions using tables and plotting sheets compared to doing sight reduction and position fixing with a computed solution using a computer or mobile app. We discuss most of these differences in our textbook, but realized today that one important difference is not stressed in the book, although it is covered in many places in our online course.

The issue at hand is evaluating a fix based on the dimensions of the plot itself. In other words, we look at the lengths of all the lines involved. There are two kinds of lines on the plot of a cel nav fix: the lines of positions (LOPs) themselves, and the lengths of the azimuth lines that run from the assumed positions to the LOPs (the a-values). A sample is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Crucial lengths defined.  If any of these are approaching 60 nmi long, we should use the fix for a new DR and redo the sight…

Star Names

For navigational purposes, stars have two naming conventions: proper names such as Canopus and a Greek letter designation called the Bayer system such as Alpha Carinae, meaning the alpha star of the constellation Carina. The alpha star means most dominate, or if all are about the same brightness, the first one in a logical sequence of numbering, as in the Big Dipper, which goes alphabetically from Alpha Ursa Majoris (Dubhe) at tip of the cup to Eta Ursa Majoris (Alkaid) at the end of the handle. Officially the constellation name in this system is in the Latin genitive form (belonging to), but Alpha Ursa Major would be adequate for record keeping and communications.

Science fiction readers will likely know of Alpha Centauri, which navigators call by its proper name Rigil Kentaurus, because this is the nearest star to our solar system and perhaps an early one to visit or receive visitors from.

Figure 1.Sample of star names. The red labels have been added. Selected stars called navigation…